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JFE Systems, Inc(JFE-SI), we have any Products & Service.

Our Solutions
Manufacturing Industry Sectors: Supply Chain Management, Sales & Operation Planning, Optimization, Cost management, Procurement and Purchasing, Manufacturing Execution Solutions for Financial Sectors Solutions for Food Industry ERP BI/DWH Strategic Human Resources system EDI/B2B/EAI: EDI messaging gateway, Data exchange server, EAI server, File transfer tool, S/MIME secure transfer tool Documents Solution: e-Document management systems, Vaucher Preservation system PaaS, Salesforce

Products and Services list

Products with "*" are JFE Systems originals.

Manufacturing Industry Sectors
Supply Chain Management Sales & Operation Plannning "Kinaxis Rapid Response®"
Forecast Management, Requirements Planning, Advanced Planning & Scheduling, Sales & Operations Planning "Demand Solutions® DSX"
by Demand Management
Optimization solution "SCM Optimization solution (*)"
Cost management system "J-CCOREs® (*)"
Procurement and a Purchase system "J-PROCURE® (*)"
e-Procurement system "Enterprise Commerce® (*)"
"J-Commerce@SaaS® (*)"
Financial Sectors
Banking System A bank and fiducial business & Pension-assets administrative task & Credit operating application construction, Data transition of a large scale system.
Food Industry Sectors
Food Industry Sectors Integrated Product Database for Food Industry "Mercrius® (*)"
"Microsoft Dynamics® 365 for Operations"
BI/DWH "SAP® BusinessObjects™"
"KPIMart® (*)"
ETL "The Sagent Solution"
by Pitney Bowes Software
"SAP® BusinessObjects™ DataServices"
BPM "Ultimus® BPM Suite"
Strategic Human Resources system
Human resources & payment & labor management "STAFFBRAIN®" / "POSITIVE®"
by Information Services International-Dentsu

"J-Forpe® for objective & result management (*)"
"J-Forpe® for work management (*)"
"J-Forpe® for workflow of application/notification management (*)"

EDI messaging gateway "IBM® Sterling Gentran"
EAI server "IBM® Sterling B2B Integrator"
"Microsoft® BizTalk® Server"
by Infoteria
File transfer tool "IBM® Sterling Connect Direct"
"OpenWay FT (*)"
S/MIME secure transfer tool "Mail Extension (*)"
Documents Solution
e-Document management systems "FiBridge II (*)"
"FileVolante® (*)"
Salesforce® "Sales Cloud®" & "®"
Salesforce®,® and Sales Cloud® are trademarks of,inc. and are used here with permission.