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Terms of Use

This website ("this site" hereinafter) is managed by JFE Systems, Inc. ("the company" hereinafter).

Make sure you understand all of the following points before using this site:


  • The use of this website is solely the decision and responsibility of customers. While the company pays careful attention when posting various information on this site, it makes no guarantee of the accuracy, helpfulness, or validity of the content. We assume no responsibility for any direct/indirect losses and/or damages resulting from customer use or failure to use this information.
  • The company may change/remove parts or the entirety of content posted on this site without prior notice. The company may also cease or terminate this website itself without prior notice. In addition, the URL for this site may change without prior notice. The company assumes no responsibility for any consequences of display or other problems, such as broken links caused by changes in URLs.
  • The company assumes no responsibility for any damages and/or losses caused by customer use of information acquired from third party websites linked from or to this site.
  • This website may not be usable by customers due to customer network environments, computer environments, or other variables.
  • The company prohibits the use or disposal of copyrighted works on this site, including copying, transferring, broadcasting, distribution, rental, translation, falsification, sales, or other such actions, without the express authorization of the copyright holders.

Copyrights and trademarks

All copyrights related to this site and other copyrighted works ("content" collectively hereinafter), including individual sentences, pictures, images, video, and audio posted on this site belong to the company or to the respective copyright holder and are protected under copyright and other laws and agreements.

Except in cases when printing and saving this site for private use, or when such use is acceptable under copyright law, the company prohibits any use or disposal, including copying, broadcasting, distribution, uploading, falsification, alteration, reprinting, or other such actions, without the express authorization of the company or the respective copyright holders.

Rights to this site and to individual trademarks, logos, and trade names posted on this site belong to the company or to the respective copyright holder. Except in cases when such use is acceptable under the Trademark Act or other laws, actions such as use without the company's permission are prohibited under the Trademark Act or other laws. Please contact us to obtain the company's permission.

-- Regarding Use of Personal Information

The company acknowledges the importance of protecting the confidentiality of personal information and is active in efforts to protect such information. The company has been certified as a Privacy Mark Certified Corporation for privacy and personal information data protection. The company appropriately manages and uses personal information received from its customers based on its privacy policy. Please go here to view the privacy policy.

The company will never disclose personal information in advance without your permission, except when required by public judicial authorities (courts, etc.) or administrative agencies (police, etc.).


The following actions are prohibited:

  • 1. Any action that affects a third party's or the company's profits.
  • 2. Any action that violates or may violate a third party's or the company's assets or privacy.
  • 3. Any action that becomes or may become detrimental to the company's prestige or credibility.
  • 4. Any action involving sales or profit-oriented activities or any preparation for such activities performed without prior permission of the company.
  • 5. Any action that violates any laws or regulations or any action in violation of public order or moral standards.
  • 6. Any act constituting a criminal action or any action that may be criminal or related to criminal actions.
  • 7. Any other action deemed inappropriate by the company.

Linking Policy

  • 1. Please contact us before linking to this site (including posting this site's URL to publications such as books or magazines).

    < Contact information >

    Public Relations Group, General Affairs Department
    An inquiry form ("Inquiries about application for an interview, news release") can be found here.
    Please note that the absence of a response does not constitute consent to link to this site.

  • 2. We do not allow the following links, or any links related to any of the following:
    • Linking from a website that libels or defames the company, its subsidiaries, their officers, or their employees.
    • Linking from a website that is deleterious to public order and morals, or could otherwise harm the trustworthiness or dignity of the company.
    • Linking that damages the clarity of this site, such as frame links or image links.
    • Linking presented in a manner that could create the impression of a collaborative or cooperative relationship between your party and the company or the impression that the company certifies or supports your party's website on which the link appears.
    • Any other link deemed inappropriate by the company.

    The company may request to change the link setting methods or delete links to this site even if the above cases do not apply. Furthermore, the URL for this site may change or be removed without prior notice.

  • 3. Under any of the circumstances specified in item 4 above, the company may request that you delete links to this site, even if we have previously permitted its use.
  • 4. The company makes no representation or warranty, either express or implied, regarding the content of websites linked to or from this site. The company also makes no guarantee of the contents of the linking sites. Furthermore, the company implies no special relationship between the company and companies operating websites linked to or from this site, nor does it imply that the company endorses or recommends the products or services of those companies. It is solely your responsibility to check the usage conditions and privacy policies for the linked websites linked to or from this website. When using websites linked to or from this site, please check their terms of use and privacy policies.
  • 5. We assume no responsibility for damages or losses attributable to links to or from this site.

Cookies and JavaScript Policy

< Cookies Policy >

This website uses browser cookies to make it more convenient for you to browse when you visit this website again. The cookies contain no information that can identify specific customers. You can adjust your browser settings to reject cookies; if you do so, note that certain inconveniences may result, including the inability to display certain parts of some content. Please ask each software maker concerning the appropriate browser-setting methods.

< JavaScript Policy >

This site uses JavaScript for greater user convenience. Please note that disabling JavaScript functionality in your browser will affect how the site functions or appears.

Applicable Laws and Court of Jurisdiction

  • 1. Use of this site and the interpretation and application of the Terms of Use are governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Japan unless otherwise specified.
  • 2. Any claims or disputes concerning this website shall be submitted to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Tokyo District Court unless otherwise specified.

Site Inquiries

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