Our Corporate Philosophy

Our Corporate Philosophy

As an innovative information service company,
We pursue continuous growth through:

 -  contributing to build a prosperous society

 -  ensuring the trust of our stakeholders,
including valued customers and shareholders

 -  striving for the creation of new value.

A Management Policy

  1. Given our global focus, we manage our businesses with the intention of opening up new markets and participating in a new economic era.
  2. We strive to grow through energetic competition and symbiosis.
  3. We make every possible effort to satisfy customers.
  4. We respect individuality and human rights and emphasize a corporate culture of compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.
  5. We are constantly improving our technical capabilities, accumulating intellectual property, and applying such property.
  6. We are solidifying our reputation as a group of professionals possessing remarkable technical prowess, versatility, and creativity.

Guidelines for Employees

  1. Think ahead. Engage in personal development.
  2. Think from the other person's viewpoint.
  3. Create strong and supportive circles of people.
  4. Hold high aspirations and a wide perspective.
  5. Strive for change. Seek out and explore new opportunities.