Business Domain

Providing comprehensive support for client businesses with the power of IT

In addition to systems integration (SI), which involves information system planning, design, development, maintenance, and operation, the main businesses of JFE Systems include developing business systems based on our own products and developing solutions to support business systems, drawing on distinctive alliance partners and IT infrastructure solutions.

Providing comprehensive support for client businesses with the power of IT

Main Businesses

Our businesses are based on the five business areas of businesses supporting the steel industry, business solution & software, infrastructure service, DX, and enterprise system integration.

Providing comprehensive support for client businesses with the power of IT

Businesses Supporting the Steel Industry

Business systems integration for JFE Steel Corporation and its group companies

【Major fields】

  • Systems integration for the steel industry in sales, production and logistics, accounting, costs, procurement, demand and supply, quality, and other areas

Business Solution & Software

Systems integration involving products developed in-house and solutions based on alliance agreements with other companies

【Major fields】

  • ERP
  • Supply chain management systems
  • BI
  • Cost management systems, procurement management systems, HR/payroll systems
  • e-Commerce, System Coordination
  • Digital form systems (digitalization of form data)
  • Quality information management systems and manufacturing method management systems for the food products industry

Infrastructure Services

Developing and operating information and telecommunications infrastructures and delivering IT infrastructure solutions based on these infrastructures

【Major fields】

  • Cloud services and server virtualization services
  • Information security support services
  • Emergency earthquake alert services
  • Voice-based cloud services
  • Sale of information and telecommunications devices and associated services (e.g., LAN construction, help desk services)


Promotion of the DX business in collaboration with businesses supporting the steel industry and other business areas

【Major fields】

  • Office solutions, manufacturing site solutions, platform development support

Enterprise System Integration

Business systems integration specializing in industries and fields tailored to the diverse business needs of clients

【Major fields】

  • For the manufacturing and logistics industries
    Systems development and maintenance in sales, production/logistics, accounting, costs, procurement, demand/supply, and quality
  • For the financial industry
    Systems development and maintenance in accounts, annuities, and credit cards