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Message from Top Management

In FY2018, both net sales and ordinary income set record highs for the fourth consecutive period. The Company will strive to set new record highs in FY2019 as well.

Below, President Nishizaki answers various questions about the settlement of accounts for FY2018 and the outlook for FY2019.

President Nishizaki

Q. What's your assessment of business performance in FY2018?

A. We set record highs in both net sales and ordinary income for the fourth consecutive period due to growth in our businesses targeting general customers, centered on the solutions business.
Net income attributable to shareholders of parent company improved significantly because we're no longer affected by last year's recording of impairment loss and other losses.

Business performance in FY2018

Q. What's the full-year outlook for FY2019?

A. We expect revenue growth in the infrastructure and solutions businesses, driven primarily by increased sales to the steel industry. We expect to set record highs in both net sales and ordinary income for the fifth consecutive period.

Consolidated business performance highlights

Q. Do you have a message for shareholders?

A. In response to improved business performance in FY2018, we've decided to pay dividends of ¥85 per share, with a payout ratio of 30% as the target. We also expect dividends to increase by ¥5 for the next period to ¥90 per share.I want to thank all our shareholders for their continuing guidance and encouragement.

Dividends trend
Hiroshi Nishizaki
Jun. 2019

President & CEO