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Forged by Steel.The source of our technical capabilities lies in a history of technological innovation.

Forged in the Foundry of Past Technological Innovations

JFE Systems originated from the information systems division of JFE Steel. From the beginning as Corporate Information Systems Department, we've been active in steelmaking systems for some fifty years. Throughout its history, JFE Steel has been always hunting the technological pinnacles in the industry. This history of technological evolution in the Steel industry is our history of innovation in the information technology field, the unique source of our wide-ranging strengths.

The Steel Industry: Old, Yet New, and Surprisingly High-Tech

In stark contrast to conventional views of the steel industry as a traditional smokestack industry, this sector from early on has actually worked as a frontrunner to address general issues facing all manufacturing industries: cutting costs, shortening lead times, accommodating product variety, reducing inventory, forecasting demand and saving energies. It's a high-tech industry of the highest order that demands sophisticated, high-precision production based on operational data management and cutting-edge control, prediction and analysis, and sensing technologies. Playing a pioneering role in Japanese industry, the steel industry has constantly pursued development and innovation in technologies for which IT is a key cornerstone.

Truly Mission-Critical

At steel industry manufacturing sites, unmanned automated monitoring and control systems operate large-scale production facilities for 24 hours per day, 365 days per annum basis. Even the shortest system stoppages and slightest errors can lead to major losses. These operations require the information system, namely JFE Systems, ultimate reliability.

Accommodates all Business Sectors, Scales, and Budgets

We're involved in systems for JFE Steel that run the gamut from management, procurement, production management, and planning to logistics, quality management, sales, accounting and personnel. We handle every part of the process, from identifying process and management issues to systems operation and maintenance. We offer experience not just in applications development, but middleware and network construction.


Always with you... As a systems integrator originated from the spin off of a user's IT division, we are thoroughly 'customer oriented'

Our Goals is Beyond Systems Development

For us, systems development doesn't mean just building information systems. It means creating the mechanisms for success by applying information technology from the user's viewpoint to generate business innovation.

Our Responsibility as a Systems Integrator

As the IT division of JFE Steel, we've continually pursued sustainable information systems on long-term use with the preparation for the future change while carefully considering the customer's return on investment . To help customers generate business innovations, we delve deeply into the user's business systems. Then, as the customer's partner, we propose and build optimal solutions from a vender-neutral perspective.

Our Customer-Oriented DNA

To complete our goal and responsibility mentioned above, we offer not only system development but also consulting, business process analysis, systems analysis, conceptual data modeling, and project management. Our mission to achieve a deep understanding of our customer's corporate culture made our own culture customer-oriented in which we constantly strive to excel on behalf of our customers. This is our company's DNA.


Our most important assets: Job records and expertise nourished by customers.With experiences and technologies 
accumulated over some 30 years, we provide a broad range of services.

Satisfying Customers in varied industries such as Financial, Manufacturing, Telecoms, Trading and so on.

With longtime history of servicing steel industry, our approach to the pursuit of quality and our ability to handle a broad range of business areas have earned a remarkable reputation among customers ranging from the automotive and other manufacturing industries to sectors including finance, food products, and logistics. Our track record of services to companies outside the JFE Group goes back some 30 years. More than 900 companies are current customers.

Rich Human Resources with Extensive Capabilities

Our highly experienced professionals offer expertise in extensive areas such as corporate systems integration and consulting on upstream analyzing and planning processes. We propose optimal systems for business innovation by combining varied skill sets for meeting the respective customer's requirements.

An Extensive Lineup of Top-selling and Long-selling Packages

As a systems integrator, we incorporate systems with not only scratch development basis but also adopting and combining various packages and solutions made by domestic and overseas sources by judging to be the best from a vendor-neutral standpoint. We have also developed our own products when the very best were not available on the market. We offer an extensive product lineup including top-selling and long-selling packages.

Products & Services


Creating, Gathering, and Integrating Optimal Low-Cost Systems.Offering total solutions with ERP, as a core, combined with a wide-ranging  product lineup

ERP for Japanese Companies

In recent years, we've focused on total solutions with enterprise resource planning (ERP) package positioned at the core. With ERP, the conventional wisdom says core systems can be built inexpensively and quickly, in line with best practices. However, few Japanese companies have been able to use ERP without change. Significant add-on development must be required, because the proprietary business processes are the competitive edge of most Japanese companies. The challenge is to build highly usable systems that leverage the strengths of unique business processes while keeping development costs low.

Total Solutions in Line with Customer Requirements

To help customers meet this challenge, we provide total solutions that combine ERP with packages of our proprietary and of our alliance partners. For core ERP, we have expertise both with SAP and Dynamics AX from Microsoft. The former is told to be suited large-size companies and the latter has been drawing attention as an ERP for MSE deploying global. We also offer ERP templates and tools for the process manufacturing industry, an area we are highly specialized in.

Flexible Collaboration among Professionals

The numerous professionals on our staff offer sophisticated and expert services in developing solutions for various fields, including global supply chain management, cost and profit management, inter-corporate alliances, optimization technologies, and business intelligence. Led by our ERP consultants, we offer total solutions tailored to customer requirements.


Our Strengths

Our capability "to provide customers a total solution combining with wide-range line-up of products" is our strength, which bases on the customer-oriented philosophy as a User-origin SIer and the technologies forged by rich experiences in Steel and other industries.

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