JFE Systems got its start in 1983 with the spinoff of the information systems division of JFE Steel. Since then, we've played the main role in introducing technologies and advancing technology applications within the JFE Group, which has proactively adopted information technology. In recent years, we've contributed to JFE Holdings' selection as a Competitive IT Strategy Company as well as being included within the Digital Transformation Stock Selection (DX stocks) , which is conducted by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan and the Tokyo Stock Exchange. Our brand leverages state of the art technologies, including applying AI to manufacturing site controls, an achievement cited in the selection, along with robotic process automation (RPA) and other solutions.

As a user-focused systems integrator with strengths in the latest technologies and backed by a history of growth in step with our customers, we deliver a wide range of solutions to a broad range of customers.

The skills and perspectives of a user-focused systems integrator

Accumulating a diverse range of know-how based on a vendor-neutral approach

To date, as a user-focused systems integrator, we've incorporated systems and methods from domestic and overseas sources we regard as the best from a vendor-neutral standpoint. In cases in which we couldn't find adequate products on the market, we've developed our own products. We've made notable progress in alliances with overseas vendors and in importing and localizing numerous forward-looking products.

Through these efforts, we've gained and accumulated a diverse range of know-how in areas including not just systems development, but consulting, business process analysis, system analysis, conceptual data modeling, and project management. We're ideally positioned to propose solutions tailored to the diverse challenges our customers face.

Prioritizing new technologies useful to customers

As a systems integrator, we naturally adopt state-of-the-art technologies. However, we prioritize new technologies because customers will find them useful, not for the sake of novelty itself.

One example is SIDEROS®, a useful comprehensive solution that integrates ERP templates and peripheral solutions to boost customers' operational efficiency. SIDEROS® draws on the latest technologies in areas like AI and business forecasting to strengthen results across a broad range of industries, making it possible to offer systems that account for each customer's real conditions.

Perspectives rooted in our experience as users

As the information systems division of JFE Steel, we've continually pursued the building of sustainable systems. Based on the premise of sustained long-term use as users ourselves, we prepare for the changes to come while rigorously assessing returns on investment following operation start. This experience has inspired a customer-oriented attitude based on the user's perspective.

Even today, as a solutions partner deeply involved in customers' business processes, we propose and develop ideal solutions that combine optimal tools based on the latest technologies, with the ultimate goal of supporting customer innovation.

A history characterized by a broad customer base and top shares in niche markets

Earning the trust of customers across a wide range of industries

Our customer base today includes more than 900 companies in industries ranging from manufacturing (including the automotive and processing industries) to distribution and finance. At the same time, certain products under our own brand hold leading market shares in niche fields.

Systems that support food safety and peace of mind

For more than a decade, food safety and peace of mind have drawn considerable attention. The food products industry faces growing challenges, including outsiders' rising calls for information disclosure, in addition to market fluctuations and consumer lifestyles that change from day to day.

In response, our unique MerQurius® package system of solutions integrates experience and know-how accumulated over many years to improve productivity and operational efficiency for manufacturers of food products and ingredients suppliers. MerQurius® currently holds the position of de facto standard in the food products industry.

Supporting digital retention of ledgers and documents

Introduced in 1997 with a focus on safe, long-term retention of forms closely related to business operations, FiBridge® realizes centralized management of companywide forms with an instant browse capability based on high-speed processing as well as high level of expandability. Thanks to continual product improvements in response to customer requests, it's maintained Japan's leading market share of electronic business form systems for many years.

FiBridge® offers features realizing form management workflows for truly paperless offices, making it an ideal tool for the 'New Normal' and working from home.

A history of growth in step with steel and of continued support for steel

Technologies accumulated by responding to the rigorous requirements of the steel industry

The steel industry requires solutions to various issues, including cutting manufacturing costs, shortening lead times, accommodating product variety, reducing inventory, and forecasting demand. At the same time, steel industry manufacturing sites, where unmanned automated monitoring and control systems operate large-scale production facilities 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, require advanced control technologies, management of operation information, prediction analysis technologies, and detection technologies, since even brief system stoppages and slight errors can lead to major losses.

We've accumulated a broad range of technologies and know-how through our ceaseless pursuit of improvements in the quality and reliability of such systems for more than 70 years.

Throughout its history, JFE Steel has always sought to adopt new technologies, growing by absorbing and integrating peripheral technologies. This history of technological evolution is our own history of technological innovation. Today, we remain committed to the proactive introduction of new technologies.