Message from Top Management

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A Customer-Oriented spirit

Since our founding, we have consistently maintained an approach based on delivering the best solutions to our customers and assigning the top priority to their success. The starting point of our business is a customer-oriented spirit: enhancing communications to grasp the true nature of the challenges facing customers; proposing solutions from a management perspective to ensure fast, flexible support capable of accommodating changing customer needs and circumstances; and helping customers achieve results not just through systems development, but through the full deployment of the systems developed.

Experience as a steel industry systems integrator

Leveraging our experience as a systems integrator in the steel industry, we deliver systems that meet the needs of customers active in various fields, ranging from the automotive and other manufacturing industries to sectors including food products, and logistics. This is the result of our cumulative success in providing systems development/operation as well as 24/365 support for JFE Steel, through our full commitment to the entire spectrum of steel businesses, based on technical innovations and sustained quality improvements.

Delivering total ERP solutions

We propose total solutions based on enterprise resource planning (ERP) and the integration of various packages that support customer innovation. With their expertise and familiarity with ERP issues, our staff deploy solutions only we can provide to help our customers develop easy-to-use systems that meet the needs of their business processes. To make this process as efficient and as effective as possible, we strive at all times to enhance communications with our customers, to grasp the true nature of the challenges they face, and to propose solutions from a management perspective.

Looking ahead, JFE Systems will continue to expand its business by striving to deliver new value and satisfaction to its customers and by aspiring to be a true and trusted partner.

President & CEO

Tetsuo Oki