Last updated: June 24, 2022

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is questioned in every aspect of today's corporate activities, and there exists a strong need in society to ensure fairness and transparency. Any failure in this regard will cost the subject company its credibility and even put its existence at risk. Based on this awareness, the JFE Group considers compliance that forms the basis of CSR as one of the top business priorities in its corporate management, and implements various initiatives to ensure that every member of the JFE Group fully understands the spirit of compliance and puts it into practice.

Compliance promotion system

The JFE Group actively implements initiatives based on the following compliance system chart.

Compliance promotion system

Corporate Ethics Hotline

JFE Systems, Inc. (hereinafter the "Company") has established the Corporate Ethics Hotline to ensure that important information regarding compliance is communicated from the front lines to top management promptly and accurately.
In the operation of the hotline, rules that protect people who report information or seek advice are clearly displayed within the Company. After the facts of a case are reviewed, the outcome is communicated to the caller.

Education activities

Each year in October, the Company observes its Compliance Month and conducts Compliance Rules Awareness Activities to consider what rules should be observed at each workplace, to become familiar with the rules, and to understand their purpose and meaning.
Specific activities include e-learning programs for all employees and sessions in which participants in each division read the Compliance Guidebook and other materials, laws and regulations and internal regulations posted on the company Intranet by the General Affairs Department.
Such efforts foster greater awareness of compliance and encourage employees to consider whether their work practices are in compliance with the rules. Based on activities conducted during Compliance Month, work practices and company rules are revised through appropriate procedures, as required.

Rejection of Organized Crime

For the purpose of blocking any relationship with antisocial forces, General Affairs Dept. is designated as the responsible units for the Company's response to antisocial (organized crime) activities. The Company has developed regulations, etc. for reporting and responding to occurrences of antisocial (organized crime) activity cases and resolutely opposes antisocial forces in collaboration with police departments and other external institutions.