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Composition of sales by business


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Steel Industry Services

We provide outsourcing services for information systems planning, development, maintenance, and operations for JFE Steel Corporation, our parent company, and for other companies within the JFE Steel Group.

Services for General Clients

< Systems Integration Services >
We provide comprehensive services that help build systems for digitizing client business processes--from analyses of client needs to systems planning, development, operations, and maintenance.

< Product Solutions >
In the area of Documents solution and intercompany EC/EDI systems, we sell software products developed in-house or introduced exclusively through alliances with overseas vendors. We also provide solutions incorporating this softwar.

Infrastructure Services

We provide infrastructure solutions, such as cloud computing services, database migration services, and data coordination services.

Subsidiary Consolidated Contributions

JFE ComService Co.,Ltd. and IAF Consulting, Inc. consolidated subsidiaries of JFE Systems, as contributions to the consolidated results.