Basic Policy on Sustainability

Last updated: June 1, 2023

Basic Policy on Sustainability

JFE Systems established a specialized organization to promote diversity in fiscal 2016 to address DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) as a management challenge, and has been committed to advancing the employment of a range of personnel, establishing and improving work environments that promote sustained engagement, and cultivating female leaders.

Starting in fiscal 2021, JFE Systems is to establish its "Basic Policy for Diversity Promotion" to position diverse personnel in supervisory positions, including officers and department managers (core positions). Based on the phrase Know differences, Create values, the policy seeks to acknowledge differences in attributes, age, life stages, and individual character and to take advantage of a diversity of insight in business management to create new value and achieve sustainable growth.

As the goal for promoting women to supervisory positions, JFE Systems will seek to "raise the percentage of female officers and supervisors to 12% by fiscal 2030, and double the rate in fiscal 2021." To achieve this goal, JFE Systems will continue to steadily implement its Action Plan under the Act on the Promotion of Female Participation and Career Advancement in the Workplace, a five-year plan launched in fiscal 2021, and will work on the strategic placement and promotion of female employees to the posts of officer and supervisor, in the light of their career paths.

JFE Systems remains committed to mid-career and foreign personnel hires as part of efforts to achieve diversity.

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Message from the Director in charge


Earning the trust of stakeholders and realizing sustainable growth as an advanced information services company

As a member of the JFE Group, JFE Systems aims to remain a company trusted by society through business activities that comply with the JFE Group's Corporate Vision and by implementing its own Corporate Philosophy.

From the ESG perspectives of the environment, society, and governance for developing sustainable societies and under a fair and transparent corporate governance structure, we contribute to building a more affluent society and continue to pursue further growth for raising the satisfaction of all stakeholders, including customers, business partners, shareholders and investors, employees, and members of our local communities.

Our corporate governance is based on compliance. Having positioned compliance among the key topics for management, we pursue measures to ensure all employees understand the spirit of compliance and implement related measures.

We also aim to realize workplaces in which our employees, who are an especially important asset to an information services company, can work with vitality and in sound physical and mental health through activities such as workstyle reforms and efforts to promote diversity. We believe these activities will help create new value and, by extension, corporate growth.

No finish line is set for the realization of our Corporate Philosophy. We will continue to work to achieve sustained growth, increase corporate value, and contribute to the advancement of a sustainable society through ESG initiatives.