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Cookie Policy

Our Website ( uses cookies.
Cookies are small files, consisting of text and numbers, saved to user devices. Cookies cannot be used to identify individuals but used by the JFE Systems, Inc. ("we" or "us") to identify devices used to view our Website and to evaluate site traffic.
This Policy describes the types and purposes of the cookies used by us and related matters and applies only to Our Website ( and shall not apply to any other website excluding

Types and nature of cookies used by us

We use the following cookies for their respective purposes:

1. Strictly Necessary cookies

Strictly Necessary cookies are required to freely navigate the site and make use of its features. If you choose to block these required cookies, you will be unable to access secure pages on the site or to log in to your account. Note that the information collected via cookies in this category cannot be used to identify individuals.

2. Performance cookies

Performance cookies are used to collect data on how users use the site. These cookies make it possible to identify which pages are popular, how users navigate the site, how long they stay on individual pages, and other such information. Information collected by cookies in this category cannot be used to identify individuals.
We use Google Analytics and List Finder to analyze our Website access. They do not collect or use access data from inside the EU.

■ Google Analytics(Filter on geography)

■ List Finder

3. Advertising cookies

Advertising cookies are used by our contracted advertisers. When you access our Website and view a certain product, you are supposed to have an interest in that product. These cookies are used to display third-party advertising related to the product.
Advertisements are not displayed to users from inside the EU.

■ Google Ads(Exclude ads from geographic locations)

Revisions of This Policy/Inquiries

We may revise this cookie policy at our sole discretion at any time. If we do so, we will post the latest updates on our Website.

Please use the Inquiry Form to submit questions or concerns about this Cookie Policy or any requests concerning access to, revision of, deletion of, or restrictions on the processing of personal information (including cookies) or data portability rights.